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Anonymous said: I thought CM Punk retired? I'm so confused what's going on?

I’m still sat here hoping that he’ll be back.

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Roman’s eyes opened when he heard Seth snoring in the bed next to him. Pulling on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, Roman grabbed his room key, and quietly walked out of the room. Once he was out in the hallway, he pulled out his I-phone and dialed (Y/N)’ number. Roman smiled when you answered.  “Hey. It’s me. Are you awake?” He asked. He received a sleepy response. “What took you so long?” you groaned. Roman smiled. “I’m in the elevator now, meet me down stairs.” Roman hung up and slipped on his shoes as the elevator doors closed.

In the lobby, You rubbed your eyes and smiled when you saw Roman. “We’ll take my car?” Roman asked, walking over to you. You nodded and the two walked out to Roman’s car. Roman started the engine and drove to a bar that wasn’t too far from the hotel. It was crowded, and it seemed like every wrestler linked to the company was there, Including Roman’s rival, Randy Orton. Roman rolled his eyes.

When Randy started walking in your direction, Roman looked at him with wide eyes and turned to you. “This is going to sound scrazy, but … Orton has this really big crush on you, but I have feeling for you … and I really need to ask you an important question before he comes over here.” Roman struggled to get everything out so fast. “(Y/N), will you go out with me?” Roman asked, making you smile. “We’re out right now aren’t we?.” Roman smiled. 

You looked into Roman’s eyes, getting closer to him. Your lips pressed against his, he ran his fingers though your hair and pulled you in close. Randy stopped in his footsteps. “Let’s get out of here” Roman whispered in your ear, You looked up at him and nodded. He took your hand and you both headed back to the hotel.


New Diva Merchandise released today for Nikki Bella.

Why fearless? I don’t get it?

Nikki Bella fearless …. I really don’t get it.

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Over the next few days I will be updating this blog and making changes.

All the request we currently have should be written provided they aren’t the same or similar.

We will re open the ask box once I’ve made all changes.

If you have any suggestions that you thing would benefit or improve this blog let us know. Telling us to write more often will be ignored.

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This will be me facial expression when Punk returns.

This will be me facial expression when Punk returns.

This premieres on the WWE Network …
The best in the world will be back.

This premieres on the WWE Network …

The best in the world will be back.

People need to know the difference between the “Attitude era” and the “Golden era”
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(I misplaced the screenshot for this imagine request so I was going by memory.  It was about a girl named Marie and it was supposed to be based off the song Gorilla by Bruno Mars … I’m sorry but I just wasn’t feeling the song so I did something original using your name and put my own spin on the imagine request; I hope you enjoy it)


Marie wiped her brow as she leaned into the bar wishing that the owner would hurry up and get the air fixed.  She let her long brown hair down and tossed it back with a groan.  She sighed wishing she could save up enough money to get out of this town; but that was harder than she ever believed possible.

Marie never stayed in a town or city for more than 3 months; all because of her ex … the ex that had broken bone after bone and nearly killed her.  When she would situate in a place making friends and finding work, he would somehow still manage to find her.  The fact that she had issued restraining order after restraining order didn’t seem to faze him.  She was never sure how he would find her that was what bothered her most.

She looked towards the door and her brows rose as she watched three guys walk in; one with short light brown hair that looked like he hadn’t brushed it in days.  The other taller, with long black hair; looking like a God.  Then there he was; she wasn’t quite sure what it was, but there was something about him.  His two-toned hair caught her eyes first; followed by dark brown eyes.  Lips that she bet would feel great on hers; his hair was pulled up into an adorable bun which had her smirking. Then there was his shirt … Metallica; which by some odd coincidence she was also wearing, except for the fact hers fell off her shoulder a bit.

“Hi … um can I help you guys?”

He smiled at her studying her as he too leaned into the bar looking at the girl with the greenest eyes he ever laid his eyes on.

“Nice shirt,” he stated winking at her.

She felt the blush fill her face and she looked at her hands as she wiped a spot on the counter.

“You’ve embarrassed the poor girl Seth,” the God said winking at her.  “I’ll have a Corona Baby Girl; you have that here?”

Marie couldn’t help but giggle as a blush spread across her face; she found it hard to look at either the God or the one with the two-toned hair.  Her eyes focused on the quiet one who seemed to be having a hard time remaining sill as he moved his hands and gave her a small smile causing his lips to curve into a grin.

“What about you sweetie know what you want,” she asked smiling.

He looked her over and glanced to Seth who remained quiet and saw Roman smirking as he watched her moving.

“Boys stop staring at the poor girl so she can do her job,” he smirked and read her nametag that hung crookedly on her Metallica shirt.  “Marie I would like a Jack and Coke, Doll,”

‘Okay two down one to go,’ she thought to herself as she got the drinks ready and sat them down and watched the two guys head towards a booth leaving Seth alone at the bar.

“You’re still trying to figure out what you want,” she asked biting her lip.

He laughed and looked at her as his eyes took in every feature of her face.  He ran his finger around cracks in the wood of the bar and bit at his lip.

“Oh I see what I want sweetheart,” he winked and she blushed looking at him before she smiled.

“Can I just surprise you,” she asked giving him a wink.

Seth studied her face and smiled as he looked into her eyes; they were truly mesmerizing.  He found his eyes looking at her lips next taking in how they moved as she talked.

“Sure thing Marie,” he said giving her a wink and walking towards the table with Dean and Roman.

Marie studied him; skinny jeans and that hair up in that bun she had noticed when he first walked in.  He wasn’t her type … yet he was.  At least that was what her conscience was telling her.

She mixed him up a drink and walked it to the table and smiled as she sat it down.

“There you are Hun,” she stated with a wink.


Marie turned her back away from the bar and shook her head with a smile.  She heard the door open and close and guess that the three guys had walked out.  Hitting the button on the remote that controlled the radio she heard a familiar song fill the bar.  She let her hips sway to the music and smirked as she sang along to the song.

I got a body full of liquor

With a cocaine kicker

And I’m feeling like I’m thirty feet tall.

So lay it down, lay it down.

You got your legs up in the sky

With the devil in your eyes

Let me hear you say you want it all

Say it now, say it now.

“I could watch those hips sway all night,”

Marie dropped the glass she was cleaning and jumped.  She turned slowly and felt her heart racing against her chest and breathed out slowly.  Leaning down she started to clean the glass and shook her head.

“Do you make it your habit to give girls heart attacks?  I thought you left,” she said picking up the last piece of glass and letting out a small yelp as it pricked her finger.

Seth stepped behind the bar and he leaned down.  He spotted the first aid kit under one of the shelves and he began gently placing a Band-Aid on her finger and afterwards he leaned kissing her fingertip gently.

“No … the two babies are sleepy,” he stated with a laugh.

Marie smiled as she swept the remainder of the glass up and bit her lip as she nodded.  Pouring Seth another drink she slid it to him and smiled at him.

“So you chose to sit here with boring lil me?”

“You’re not boring; I just didn’t want you to be alone.  Also I didn’t want the guys to hear me flirting with you because I would just embarrass myself,” he stated laughing.

“Oh because your lines are cheesy,” Marie asked with a light giggle; she could feel her cheeks blushing.

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven,” Seth asked trying to keep a straight face.

“A little,” Marie stated laughing and looking at him smiling.

“Once you clean up and close … can we get out of here,” Seth asked looking at her.

“Where to … you’re not going to kidnap me or something are you,” she asked with a smirk.

“I would never kidnap you; I know you’ll come on your own will.  I just want to go to the beach,” Seth shrugged.

“What makes you think I would come voluntarily,” she asked laughing and felt a blush spreading across her cheeks.

“I have my ways,” Seth laughed and brushed his fingers over her face causing her to giggle.

Marie smiled looking up at Seth.  She noticed the way he looked at her she had never had a guy spend that much attention to her and it made her stomach go into knots.  Taking a glance at the clock on the wall as it hit 12:30; she reached out and placed her hand into his smiling at him.

“It’s time to close … you sure this is what you want?”

Seth pulled back and looked down at her; the bra strap showing from under her top was teasing him.  She was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid his eyes on.  He only hoped that the time would come for him to lay his hands all over her body; but for the time being he was content in just showing her a good time.  Something told him she hadn’t had a goodtime in a while.

“Yes this is what I want,” Seth answered quietly.

Marie grabbed a 12 pack of beer and placed the money onto her boss’ desk for it.  She put her hand back into Seth’s and smiled as they walked out.  She smiled as she spotted a Jeep and guessed that Seth, Roman and Dean had arrived separately.  Placing the beer into the back, Seth lifted Marie up into the seat and smiled as her hands ran through his two-tone hair.

“So where are you taking me,” she giggled.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” Seth smiled thinking of the house on the beach he stayed in with Roman and Dean.  “You trust me right,”


Feeling Seth pulling out and starting to drive, Marie removed her seatbelt and scooted closer to Seth smiling as she looked at him.  Not only had she trusted him; she was looking forward to being with him.  Seth kissed her on the forehead and she let out a small sigh.  Smiling she ran her hand onto his knee and felt the wind blowing through her hair.

“This is my song,” Marie said leaning to turn it up.  She stood up holding onto the Jeep and began swaying her hips.  She smiled as she turned as Seth drove swaying her hips to the music.

“So I see,” Seth said his voice now with filled with a tone she could easily place.  Lust.  He turned the Jeep onto the beach and parked it, but left the headlights on.  As he got out of the Jeep he turned to help Marie out.  He removed his shoes and she pushed hers off with her feet.  Pushing him lightly she ran towards the water and laughed as Seth tackled her playfully causing them to fall into the small waves.

“Now I’m all wet,” Marie squealed underneath him; she couldn’t help but to start giggling.  It felt nice to be with someone who would much rather make giggles escape her lips than whimpers and crying.  It felt good to be lying underneath someone who would much rather make her giggle than to slap or push her around.

“Doesn’t sound like you mind,” Seth said a smirk forming on his lips.

“Actually you’re right … I don’t,” she smiles and moves her hand to splashing him right in the face with some water.  She wiggled from underneath him and laughed as she tried getting away.  He grabbed her from behind and lifted her up off the ground.

“Put me down,” Marie stated kicking her legs while giggling.

“You splashed me … I’ll put you down alright,” he stated smirking and laughing a little.

“Seth no,” Marie pleaded and let out a gasp as Seth fell backwards into the water holding onto her.  The water was cold; she came up shivering and broke out into another fit of giggles as she held onto him for dear life.  “I…I…I… I dddon’t like water,” she stated through chattering teeth.  The water wasn’t all that cold but the wind was blowing making her shiver.  Seth took the hint and carried her out and carried her towards the Jeep.  He stood her down near her shoes and pulled out a blanket from the back.  He wrapped it around her and Marie moved allowing him to step in with her.  She could feel the heat of his body and closed her eyes nearly melting into him.  His head rested against hers, his lips fell onto her head.  Marie looked up at Seth for a moment before looking around at the beach; a smile formed on her face as she took in the clear night sky.  She heard the slight sound of the waves, the light rustling of the wind through the palm trees and a few gulls in the distance.  One sound however took her by surprise, she could hear Seth’s faint heart beating and she leaned her head into his chest and bit her lip.

“I feel so safe with you … you have no idea how good this feels.” Marie lifted her head and looked up into Seth’s chocolate brown eyes.  She moved a hand away from the blanket and tucked some hair behind his ear and studied him.  His smile caused her heart to beat faster and a little harder in her chest.  She ran her fingers along his facial hair and traced her finger along his lip. He leaned slowly letting the blanket drop off both of them; he studied her eyes, they seemed to be filled with mixed emotions.  Something told him at that moment she had some issues in her life.  Marie’s eyes locked on Seth’s as she argued with her conscience on whether or not to kiss him.

Do it he’s a good guy he won’t hurt you like Mark.

No don’t do it he’ll hurt you…

Fuck it…

Marie leaned up slowly on her topes letting her hands move through his hair to pull his head slowly towards her.  She studied his face and closed her eyes and let out a breath still inwardly debating on kissing the taller man in front of her.  Her fingers moved up the back of his neck into his hair.

He moved closing the space between them, Marie gasped at the feeling of his breath on her lips.  Her eyes locked on his and seconds later his lips covered hers in a slow but passionate kiss.  Seth’s hands ran up her sides and she broke the kiss and pushed his hands away.  He looked at her wondering why she had pushed his hands away but pulled her body back against his.

“I brought us some beer … let’s have some … then maybe we’ll go for another swim.” She traced the tattoo on his wrist with her fingers and looked up at him hoping he wasn’t mad as she felt like kicking herself for leading him on.

His brows rose at Marie’s change in mood but he smiled with a nod and turned to grab the beer.  Marie smiled jumping onto his back causing him to laugh as he grabbed the case of beer and then the blanket all while Marie covered his eyes with her palms.

“I can’t see Marie.” Marie just chuckled into his ear and kissed the side of his head.

“Don’t worry I won’t let you walk into the ocean.” She smiled as Seth walked a little towards the water and she pulled her hands away and got off his back.  Feeling the way her toes felt against the gritty sand, she smiled and spread the blanket and lay down and looked at him as his t-shirt clung tightly to his torso. 

Seth popped the top off a beer and placed the bottle against his lips to take a sip.  Marie lay watching him and he smiled as she snatched the bottle and sipped it before handing it back.

“So how long have you been a wrestler?” Marie grabbed her own beer and sipped it as her finger drew little shapes into the sand.  She looked up at him and smiled overhearing the trio talking about wrestling at the bar.

“I’ve been wrestling since 2003 … independently.  So umm I guess about 8 years.” Marie smiled up at him and ran her fingers over the hand that he had lying on the blanket.

“Independently,” she stated with a smile she loved his voice; not overly masculine yet cute and silky.

“Yeah before you make it to the big time wrestling federations you start off wrestling in places like high school gyms.”

Marie watched Seth as he talked and smiled hearing how happy he sounded as he explained his job.  It was obvious he was living his dream.

“I used to watch wrestling years ago with my father I don’t know much about it.  What’s your dream match?” Marie asked lying on her stomach and looking up at him.

Seth laid on his back watching as she laid her head on his arm.  He had never really thought of that and he pushed his lips together and thought for a few moments and then looked back down at her.

“I don’t really have a dream opponent but headlining WrestleMania is a big dream of mine.”  He smiled down at her and ran a hand gently up her back.

“So is that like wrestling’s version of the super bowl or something?” She looks up at him smiling and feels Seth pushing a piece of hair behind her ear.

“Yeah I guess you could say that.” Marie giggles as Seth pulls her a little into him.

The two of them spent the next half hour lying on the blanket finishing a few beers a piece.  Seth moved without warning and picked Marie up causing her to giggle.  Her legs wrapped around her waist, arms around his neck as he walked into the water.  She looked out past his shoulder taking in the beautiful sound and sight of the waves crashing against rocks in the distance.  She looked from the rocks to Seth and her eyes locked on his.  She smiled as she closed the space between them causing Seth to fall back into the water.

“You are such a dork!” Marie laughed as they both sat up in the water.  She moved towards Seth kissing him again and felt Seth deepen the kiss before pulling away slowly.

“Again you seem to like it,” Seth stated with a smirk forming on his face.

She bit her lip and felt her heart racing.  That was true, she never met a guy like Seth before and she did like the way he acted … and how sweet he seemed.

“That’s true … so can we go somewhere a little cozier … perhaps a little less wet?” Marie thought for a minute before looking right at him.  “I’d really like to get out of these wet clothes…”

“I know the perfect place.” Seth stood up and lifted her with him carrying her back to the Jeep.  Smiling at her he opened the door and sat her down in the passenger’s seat before heading over to get in.  Marie slid closer to Seth and placed her hand on his knee as he pulled out and got back onto the road.  She leaned and kissed him as he drove and smiled as Seth managed to keep one eye on the road before pulling away.  He drove for around thirty minutes before pulling up behind Dean and Roman’s cars.  He picked Marie up into his arms and shut the car door.

Marie grabbed the key from Seth’s key ring and unlocked the door, she dropped the keys down onto a table by the door and giggled into Seth’s lips as he carried her towards the stairs quietly not wanting to wake up Dean who was knocked out on the couch.  Roman’s door was shut with light music coming from his room.

Seth pushed his door opened after going up another set of stairs, heading towards a large window.  He pushed it opened and laid Marie down on his low lying bed.  Marie turned her head looking at the view and took in the sound of the waves crashing out in the night.  The smell of salt water came into the room with a small gust of wind and she breathed out as she looked up at Seth as he was on his knees on the foot of the bed looking down at her.  Leaning up she pulled his shirt over his head and threw it to the side.  Her eyes traveled down his chest and she ran a hand slowly down the small trail of hair down his abs.

“Are you sure you want to do this Marie?  I’m more than willing to wait if you are…”

Marie smiled at him as she removed his belt and then unbuttoned his jeans.  She pushed them off his hips and Seth kicked out of them before leaning to kiss her.

“I am sure of one thing and that is that I need you Seth … I have never needed someone so much.  Please.” She dipped her hand slowly into his jeans to grasp his erection in her hand.  She stroked it slowly before pushing his boxer briefs the rest of the way down.  She pushed them off his legs with a foot and laid on top of him a bit to kiss him fully on the lips.  Her tongue moved into his mouth and she moaned into the kiss the moment Seth’s tongue rubbed against hers.  Marie pulled away and smiled at Seth, she guided his hands to her top and he pulled it off her slowly, his hands move up her sides and he blinks seeing a series of scars and bruises on her sides.  She pushes him onto the bed and giggles and bites her lip.

“You’ll have to wait to touch me.” She positioned herself between his thighs and licked her lips and bit her lip, Mark would never let her take control.  Licking her lips looking over Seth’s dick she moved his dick towards her lips and leaned forward flicking her tongue out to lick at his tip.  She circled her tongue around the head slowly causing Seth to groan and twitch lightly.  His hands moved up into her hair causing Marie to giggle against his dick as Seth let out a moan.  She massaged the underside of his dick with her tongue and moved her head up and down against his dick; taking him in inch by inch.  The hand she had wrapped around his dick slowly moved down to his balls cupping them lightly.  Marie pulled away and kisses Seth’s thighs.

“You want control now Seth?” Marie asks quietly with a smirk.

He lets out a small laugh and runs a hand to his dick.  He moves to guide it into her mouth and grips her head lightly.  Seth holds Marie still as he pumps his dick in and out of her mouth; his speed increases causing his balls to slap her chin.  He licked his lips taking in the little drops of salvia running down her chin and groans and moves into her quickly spilling his hot cum into her mouth.  She moved back causing Seth’s cum to run down from her lips to her chin.  He pulled her closer kissing her not caring about tasting his own cum.

“Your turn,” Seth says smiling as he lays Marie down.  He kisses her lips powerfully and runs his tongue towards her neck causing her to moan out and close her eyes tightly.  His mouth continues to kiss down her neck to her breasts laying small kisses down he smirks against her and places his lips onto her stomach working his way down.  He slaps over her pussy and kisses and bites her thigh gently as his hands pull down her lacy panties and slowly down her legs.

“Seth please,” Marie pleads slightly squirming underneath him.

He smirks as he moves his mouth towards her pussy after pushing her folds apart with his hand.  He places his tongue at the bottom and moves up with a long and slow lick before his tongue finally flicks over her clit.  Her juices soak into his beard as his face moves deeper into her pussy.

“Fuck,” Marie moans loudly running her hands into his hair tugging lightly as Seth plunges his tongue deep inside her.  She lets out a load moan loving how his beard rubbed against her clit.

“Do you like this baby?” Seth asks pulling back.

“Don’t stop,” Marie moaned out pulling his head back towards her clit.  Seth laughed against her and ran his tongue against her clit slowly, his hands pushed her thighs apart and he took in her scent and moaned against her.  He rubbed his beard against his clit again and began lightly sucking on her swollen and perky nub.  Marie moaned loudly her hips moving up into his mouth.  His rough hands pushed her thighs apart more; again earning a thrust from Marie.

“Damn baby,” Seth says against her clit.

She moves her wet pussy against his beard again.  His hands pull her hips down causing her to grip the sheets on the bed causing her to moan loudly.  He places his mouth back around her clit sucking on it hard and lightly nipping it with his teeth.  Her hands move through his hair letting it fall from the messy bun he had it held up in.  He gives in and moves his tongue inside her quick and fast.

She fought the orgasm that was building up until she couldn’t fight it anymore.  Her thighs nearly closed around his head as her body began to shake and her thighs get even tighter.

“Wow,” Marie gets out as her thighs loosen and her back hits the sheets.  She smiles down at Seth and pulls him towards her mouth, she kisses him powerfully.

“You okay?” Seth asks with a chuckle.

“Yeah … I need you inside me now,” she smirked and let her hands run through his hair.  He moved to the side a bit and placed a condom into her hand.  He leaned freeing her breasts from her bra and lightly began kissing and sucking on her breasts and nipples.  She leaned a bit stroking his dick a few times and placed the condom onto him and leaned back onto the sheets.

Seth guides his tip to her wetness and slowly pushes in filling her completely.  She tosses her head back onto the pillow and gasps at the feeling of him filling her completely.  Seth leans biting and lightly kissing her shoulder and clavicle.  He pulls away slightly and looks deep into her eyes.

“You’re so beautiful I can’t wait to feel you coming around me,” he said as he bit her ear gently.

Marie moaned and brought her hands back to his hair and bucked her hips into each of his thrusts.  Seth moved a bit faster and focused on her eyes.

Lying on his back, Seth brought Marie down onto his dick slowly.  Letting his fingers dip into her skin, he groaned as she rocked her hips before turning so her back was facing him.  Seth’s hands ran up her sides and back as she grinded into him.  His hands focused on her skin, filled with healed scars and bruises.  He bit his lip and leaned up and kissed her neck.  She moved her head to kiss his lips and moaned as his hands reached around to rub her breasts.

“Grind me baby,” Seth says into her ear moaning softly.  Marie nodded and moved her hips against him faster and faster.  She felt Seth tense up and then groan loudly into her ear.  She felt her pussy pulsing around him and she came right after him squirting a little against his dick. 

The two of them fell onto the bed together and Marie felt Seth’s fingers on her back as she lay on her stomach.  She looks up at him and leans kissing him before laying her head into his neck.  Seth smiles as he buries his head into her hair; the smell of strawberry shampoo mixed with the smell of the salt water from the beach filling his senses. 

“Seth,” Marie states and turns her head from her gaze out the window to look into his brown eyes.


“Where are you from?” Seth smiles running his hand up her back as he lays back a little on the bed pulling the sheet over them in case Dean or Roman came in.

“Iowa,” Seth states with his head still resting against her hair as he gazes out the window watching his curtains moving as the wind blows.  He turns his head to look down at her and he smiles.  “Where are you from?”

She smiles and breathes out looking up at him.  Her finger moves against his hair and then down to his chest where she traces the trail of hair down his chest and abs.  She bites her lip as her finger moves around his belly button.

“I knew it!  You’re from the Corn state … that’s why you’re so freaking Corny!”  She smiles hearing Seth’s laugh fill the room and she looked up at him. “Why do you need to know?”

“Well … when … um or I ever become a big time WWE Superstar I’m going to leave you a ticket for a show or two,” he stated with a nervous laugh smiling at her.  “If I have my way you’re going to be right there with me when that happens,”

Marie laughed and she let out a sigh as she looked into Seth’s eyes.  She knew she couldn’t know for sure where she would be, especially if Mark found her again.

“So … is that your way of asking me to be your girlfriend?” Marie asked and bit her lip.

“Yeah if things go my way you’re going to be my girlfriend … if they don’t go my way I’ll still leave you a ticket so you can watch the man that just gave you the best orgasm of your life looking fine in a WWE ring,” he laughed.

“Yeah you should do that; you should leave a ticket,” she smiled and took in a breath.  “But Seth I should tell you where I’m from doesn’t mean that’s where I’m going to be.” She paused and let out a breath.  “I move a lot … I um,” she collected her thoughts and laid into Seth.  “I have an ex-boyfriend who I have a restraining order on … but he still finds me.  So I don’t know where I’ll be … especially if he finds me again,”

Seth blinked and moved his head to look down into Marie’s eyes.  His hand grasps hers and he shakes his head.

“If he finds you here … let me at him I won’t let anyone hurt you ever again,”

Marie bites her lip thinking about Mark telling her he would kill anyone who tried to protect her and make her watch while he did it.

“I know,” she said smiling reassuringly.  Deep down however; Marie felt like something was going to come in the way of her happiness; but for the time being she was going to lay into Seth listening to his heart beat as she fell asleep.

Four Months Later

The past four months had been the best time in Marie’s life.  She looked around the bedroom that she shared with Seth and smiled as she sat down on the bed and placed Kevin on her stomach as she looked at the clock seeing what time it was.  Seth would be home soon with the food that he had promised her he’d bring her after they finished wrestling.  She heard her phone beep and she lifted her phone to read over the message that she was sure was from Seth.

She was wrong.

I know you’re in Florida … and I know about your boyfriend.  You know all those times you looked over your shoulder in public with him I was there … watching your every move.

“No!” Marie called out with tears in her eyes as she got up quickly.  She read over the message again and again and headed to the window to look out.  Not seeing anyone she closed the window and ran a hand through her hair.  She frantically paced in her bedroom that she shared with Seth; she took a look around the room knowing he would be home soon.  She pulled her suitcase from under the bed tossing all of her clothes inside.  She leaned down and kissed their dog on the nose and wiped her tears.  Her phone lit up again and she looked at it.

I’m going to come for you!  I will kill anyone who tries to stop me…

Calling the number for a Taxi company; she sat down with a notebook, her hands shaky as the tears fell down onto the paper.  She didn’t have long; hell she didn’t know how long she had at all.  She bit the top of the pen before writing out a note to Seth quickly.


He found me … he knows where I’m at.  I have no choice but to leave.  I can’t stand the thought of him hurting you.  He has nothing to lose.  I’m so sorry … I love you so much but I can’t stand to see you get hurt or worse.  Please promise me that you’ll move on … don’t hold onto me.  I will only cause you pain and suffering.


She placed the note down and sighed loudly as her eyes watered.  She quickly walked out of the house and towards the road where the taxi was waiting.  The taxi drove her to the bus station and she tossed her cellphone into the trash before boarding the bus.  Sitting in the very back seat, she pulled out the photo album of her and Seth and started to sob seeing the life she was leaving behind.

A hand ran over her stomach as she thought about the life that depended on her surviving; the tiny life that her and Seth had created.


Seth smiled as he headed into the house with Roman and Dean; he placed the bag of food down and pet Kevin as Kevin whined looking up at him.

“Marie baby we brought you something to eat,” he waited for an answer and headed up the stairs.  He pushed the door opened and raised a brow seeing the drawers opened and her clothes missing.  He sat on the bed and read over a note on the mattress and blinked before he crumpled the paper and got up knocking the lamp off the side table.

“Dude the food’s getting cold,” Dean stated and got a look looking around the empty room and then to Seth as he saw Marie’s clothes missing from the opened closet.  “Oh…”

“What’s going on?” Roman asked.

“That bastard found her … so she left … doesn’t want me to get hurt,” he said placing his head into his hands and slipped down the wall onto the floor. “I didn’t even tell her that we were going to be brought into WWE … I was going to tell her Tuesday … that’s our 4 month anniversary,” he looked up at Roman and Dean and then back to Roman as a few tears ran down one of his cheeks.  “I was going to propose to her.”

He sighed and thought of the conversation that he had with her the night they met.  He didn’t care how much it cost; he was going to leave tickets to every show hoping that she would make it to come to see him living his dream. 

April 3rd 2016

Marie stood at the ticket booth and bit her lip as she wondered if she should just turn right back around and leave.  She looked at her son as she held him as he played with his Nintendo and laughed at something that happened on the screen.

“Jay … do you want to go see WrestleMania?”

Jason’s eyes got wide and he closed his Nintendo and dropped it back into Marie’s purse and laughed.  He was a spitting image of Seth; he had his nose, his lips and most certainly his eyes.

“Yes!  Seth Rollins is gonna whoop Randy Orton’s butt tonight!  I can’t miss it.  Please mommy I wanna see it!”

Marie laughed at Jason and smiled as she let out a breath.  Stepping towards the window she smiled at the woman behind the glass and bit her lip.  She’d buy two tickets if she had to … but she needed to see if that offer was still there.

“I need two tickets but I’m wondering if you could tell me if there’s a ticket waiting for me,”

The woman gave Marie a look and she searched around before seeing an envelope and slipped it through the hole.  “There are two tickets in there,” she stated smiling up at the woman and looking at the little boy smiling from ear to ear.  “You know … when he gave me those earlier he told me your whole story … and he said he was never going to stop leaving these tickets.”

Marie smiled and she nodded looking at the older woman and nodded towards her.  Turning she headed to the line and headed into the arena.  Stopping at the merchandise stand she bought Jason a youth sized Seth Rollins shirt and pulled it on over his other and held his hand as they walked around until they found the right entrance for their section.


Seth let out a deep breath as he stood in front of the mirror looking at his reflection in the mirror.  He stretched as he took a few deep breaths thinking of the crazy year that he had; even though he was only 4 months in.  He would be having his WrestleMania moment going one on one with Randy Orton for the WWE Championship; the titles had long since been separated back into two distinct titles.  Turning he smiled watching the match against CM Punk and Dean Ambrose and smiled as Dean got the win and then hugged CM Punk in the ring.  The match against Roman Reigns and John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship went down with Roman picking up the win and the championship.

He heard a knock on the door and let out a breath as he walked towards the door to open it.  He let out a laugh as Randy Orton’s girlfriend and hands down his best friend stood at the door giving Seth a playful look over as she held her and Randy’s three year old son who was wearing a tiny Randy Orton t-shirt.

“Seth!” He squealed and nearly jumped into his arms.

“Hey little man,” Seth laughed and smiled as he hugged him tightly.

“I missed you,” he said pulling away and giggled as Liz ran a hand through his light brown hair.  Seth studied Ryan’s face and laughed as he shook his head.  It always amazed him how much like Randy Ryan was starting to look; even though he had his mom’s skin tone, there was no mistake who his daddy was.

“I missed you too … you look so much like your daddy,” he laughed.

“I am pretty than daddy,” he said pointing at Seth with his finger.

Seth laughed and smiled letting out a sigh as he looked at him and then to Liz.  He shook his head but smile as he hugged her and then kissed Ryan on the head.

“That you are … Randy tell you I was a nervous wreck?”

“That he did,” she laughed.  “You’re going to win the title tonight and things are going to great, lighten up.”

“Liz I wash things were that easy.” He smiled and let out a breath as he thought of a weird feeling he hand and couldn’t quite place his finger on it.

“You’re going to do great,” she said hugging him.  “Nice seeing you in trunks,” she teased and walked towards Gorilla position where Randy and a few of the guys were waiting.


Marie let out a breath as she watched Jason eating some popcorn and smiled as he looked up at her.  Smiling she looked around the arena and took a breath as she heard Randy Orton’s theme song and laughed as Jason began to boo him and she stood up with him allowing him to watch him come out to the ring.

Jason screamed and jumped as he heard Seth’s theme song; she smiled and bit her lip as she watched Seth come out to the ring.  She was glad that Mark was behind bars in prison; she spent the past four and a half years on the run from Mark doing anything to protect Jason.  She finally heard that Mark had been arrested and imprisoned for attacking another girl he had been dating.  He beat her bad enough to leave her disabled.  She ran a hand to the pass that hung around her neck and smiled at how into the match Jason was as he watched.  She ran a hand up Jason’s back and breathed out a breath she held in.

“One … Two … Three,” Jason counted and smiled as he threw his hands up.  He cheered and looked at his mom as Seth posed with his newly won WWE Championship.  “He won!  Daddy won!”

“I know baby … Seth won,” she said standing holding him up as Seth walked around slapping fans hands.  He stopped in front of Marie and Jason and blinked.  Marie gave him a smile she had a different hair color but her eyes were unmistakable.

“You came?” he mouthed and smiled as he leaned forward and let his lips brush lightly against hers forgetting about the cameras on him.

“I did … you did well.  I’ve been watching you for years.  He is your biggest fan though,” Seth pulled away and smiled as he took Jason into his arms and carried him towards the ring posing with his championship and his 4 year old son; making the moment even more special for him.

Once they got backstage, Marie filled Seth in on everything that had happened and they headed to his dressing room and discussed the rest of their lives.