Imagine: You and Seth Rollins have problems and break up, he sees you with someone else and gets jealous.

(Y/N) was on the rebound. Her and Seth Rollins had just been through a nasty breakup that left her in pieces, and not wanting to leave her bed for a week. Her best friend Kaitlyn had called her a couple of days earlier with a guy that was a friend of her family. Kaitlyn thought they went well together. She described him as having brown curly hair, and green eyes. Tonight they were meeting at the RAW event. Kaitlyn also suggested they meet there so that Seth could see her and this new guy together and be jealous.

She giggled to herself as she applied lipgloss and grabbed her bag. She walked downstairs to her car and drove to the arena. She had to admit she had butterflies in her stomach. She was excited to see what this guy looked like.

As she walked out of the dressing room, she was greeted by Kaitlyn and the guy she had been talking about. She smiled as he held out his hand. “Hi (Y/N), I’m Sam.” He said, smiling. Kaitlyn quietly stepped away, and let them talk. As she was stepping away, she noticed Randy walking by them. He eyed them closely, shking his head. Sam said something funny and (Y/N) laughed. Kaitlyn cheered in her head. It was working. “Kaitlyn, what the hell is this?” Seth said walking over to her. “Oh, (Y/N) must be over you.” She said, not paying him much attention. Seth scowled and walked away. 

Later that night (Y/N) was heading back to her car when she was stopped by Seth. “What the hell was that?” he shouted. “What was what?” you shouted back. “You know what?” he looked down at you. He was now standing closer and you could feel his breath. 

All you wanted to do was wrap your arms around him and crash your lips against his. (Y/N) stopped yourself and turned away from him.

(Y/N) felt his hand on your arm, he span you around and crashed his lips against yours. 

"You’re an asshole" (Y/N) said as she pulled away. Seth grinned "You only want me because" "Shut up" He started kissing you again.

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Quick message.

If you’re one the the disrespectful little fucks that’s posting or reblogging the photo’s from CM Punk and AJ Lee’s wedding day can you please stop. 

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Who’s your favorite WWE Superstar and Diva?

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Anonymous said: I love the new writer!


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Imagine: (Y/N) and Dean Ambrose have been on and off for three years. Breaking up is a normal thing but they always get back together. At RAW, they have an argument and break up, and this time it looks like it’s for good. Dean starts dating Paige, which makes you extremely jealous. Few weeks later you find out you’re preggo. Will they baby be enough to bring you two back together? 

“Were you staring at him /again/, (Y/N)?! You’re always staring at him! He’s not your boyfriend, I am!”

“I wasn’t even staring at him!”

“Oh, so I’m just seein’ things here?! I’m just imagining all this?”

“You must be because I sure as fuck wasn’t staring!”

“I’m sick of seeing this. Maybe you should go ask him to be your boyfriend. Yeah, you’d like that, wouldn’t you, (Y/N)?! With how much you stare at him, I’m surprised your eyes haven’t fallen off yet!”

“Are y-..”

“Save it. We’re done.”

That’s where it all began. That’s where the crazy on-off relationship between (Y/N) and her boyfriend, Dean Ambrose began. Life for them lately has been hectic. For the past three years, it’s scream, fight, break up, yell, break up, get back together, stress out, break up, and the list goes on. As much as (Y/N) and Dean loved each other, they argued and broke up way more than the average couple should. It was unhealthy for them both. The amount of times they’ve broken up couldn’t be counted on fingers. This on and off relationship was beginning to cause serious issues. For both of them. 

Backstage on Monday Night RAW, the couple was backstage in the corridors, staring lovingly at one another. Dean’s arms were securely wrapped around (Y/N)’s waist, while (Y/N)’s hand caressed his cheek. (Y/N) had this beautiful bright smile across her facial demeanor, as did Dean, when just then, a passing Fandango walked by. (Y/N) glanced over at the half-dressed brunette, helplessly chewing on her glossed lower lip, while a disturbed Dean eyed her. 

“Staring again?”

Dean’s voice abruptly snapped (Y/N) out of her gaze, as:-)she was slightly starled. 

“Wha..? Oh, n-“

“You were staring at Fandango just now. I caught you.”

“Babe, I wasn’t st-..”

“Forget it. You always want to stare at other men when I’m the only man you should even be seeing. I’m done with you.”

With that, Dean angrily trotted off, leaving a now single (Y/N) crushed and depressed. 

~The following week; Monday~

(Y/N) sat at a table alone, away from the populace of other wrestlers. She tried to forget the incident that happened last week. She tried to forget Dean. She tried to clear her mind of all thoughts. She tried, until someone showed up. 


Dean was seen moving through the crowd of wrestlers holding the hand of a woman who’s skin seemed surprisingly pale. Almost as pale as Sheamus’. The long, charcoal locks of the woman were seen, as her head was turned away, so her face couldn’t be seen. She spoke to a couple of her buddies, and that’s when it was caught. Her voice.. British accent. Who else could it be? As she turned, her lips met Dean’s and it instantly caught (Y/N)’s attention. She couldn’t believe it. Her and Dean break up and then the following week, he turns around and dates… Paige?! 

(Y/N)’s jaw dropped when she saw the two pecking and making lovey dovey faces to each other. They passed right by (Y/N)’s table, and the saddest thing of all… Dean didn’t even look her way! It’s like she was totally invisible to him! What, now that he has a new girlfriend, he can’t even throw a simple glance? (Y/N) shook her head, stood up, and quickly rushed out of the area. 

~Several weeks later; Thursday~

(Y/N) was in the bathroom, on the ground, after another puke session. She’s been puking non-stop for the past few days. It wasn’t just puke, puke, puke. She noticed her nipples growing, her period was scheduled to start about four days ago, and nothing. (Y/N) held her head in her hands for a minute. 

“Was it something I ate?.. Ugh..”

As that was said, she thought back to an earlier point in time, to review her activities, her diet, basically any and every thing she’s done. She had an idea..


“Ohhh yeah, you like that, don’t you, (Y/N)? Let me hear you say it.”

“I love it, Dean, I love it!”

“Who’s your man, baby?”

“Ahh.. You are!”

“I’m close, baby. I’m gonna cum..”


(Y/N)’s head shot up quickly. She didn’t want to think it, but it’s the only thing with these exact same symptoms she just might have. In a box marked ‘emergency supplies’, she opened and pulled out a pregnancy test box. Was this it? Was there a baby in progress inside? Only one way to find out..

~Monday Night RAW; Backstage~

Dean scrambled backstage in search of a television to match his girlfriend, Paige, in her number one contender’s matchup for the WWE Diva’s title. He walked and walked, passing a group of chattering Divas. He heard a familiar voice:-)amongst the group, and from that voice, he heard something interesting..

“You’re really pregnant, (Y/N)?!”

“Haha, yes Naomi. I’m really pregnant.”

“Who’s baby is it?”

“…. It’s Dean’s..”

“But, isn’t he dating Paige now?”

“Duh, Brie. Ugh, you’re so slow sometimes.”

“If he’s with Paige.. Then how is she..”

“Oh my gosh, Brie, it was obviously /before/ Paige.”

“Cool it, Nikki. Yeah, it kinda was before Paige.”

“Yeah. Cool it, Nikki.”

“Shut up, Brie.”

“Girls!.. Look, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I’ll just get an abortion, maybe..”

When Dean heard those words, he almost choked on air. (Y/N)? Baby? Pregnant? What? How?… Huh?

~Later that night~

(Y/N) had her luggage, on the way to the bus she now shared with a few other Divas, struggling to pull the heavy bags. A few men, unaware of her symptom, assisted her in bag carrying, and lightened her load a bit. Suddenly, a large man yanked her back to a quiet spot where they could talk. 

“Ow! Wh- wha-..”

“(Y/N).. Are.. Are you really..”


“.. Wow.. I’m.. Gonna be a dad, huh..”

“Pretty much.. Um..”

Dean slid his hands in his pockets, and silence enamated between them both for a minute, before he ended up turning and walking away. 

“Where are you going?”

“Look, I can’t be bothered with this shit. I’m with Paige now. You’re on your own..”

(Y/N) couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Not even Dean himself believed what he was saying. He really wasn’t going to help with the baby… Because of Paige?

(Y/N) felt a tear roll down one of her cheeks, as she turned to walk off as well to the sound of her fellow Divas calling her name. I guess the baby was only going to be with one parent..

Dean, who’d just slipped his phone back in pocket, caught himself in his tracks, and ran back to (Y/N), grabbing hold of her arm. 



“The baby.. I.. I want to be there for this kid. All this just happen so unexpectedly..”

“Yeah, no kidding..”

“Um.. (Y/N).. Will you take me back?..”


“Look. I was dumb, alright? I get a teensy bit jealous over these things.. I just don’t want to lose you, that’s all.. Will you please take me back..?”

“… Paige?”

“I already broke it off with her.. Texted her..”

“In that case.. Yes. I will take you back.”

“Good. From now on.. I’ll try not to get too upset. We’ve broken up enough. This child.. It’ll be the best thing that’s ever happened to us.”


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dezzy-swagger said: Heyy! Just seeing how everyone's doing :) Hope you guys are enjoying your summer! :D

Thank you! We hope you are aswell! xx

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The impact of social media!


The impact of social media!

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2-year old Beckett names more WWE themes! [August 27th, 2014]

This is the cutest kid in the world, and this video rules. If I ever have kids, my kids will love wrestling more than I do.

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Anonymous said: That new story about seth is amazing. I hope to read more from the new person!!

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