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Y/N leaned into Randy as she waited backstage, she felt Randy’s hand traveling up and down her back and then to her butt.  She pushed his hand away playfully and bit her lip looking up at him.  His blue eyes stared down at her and he smirked as he awaited for them to tell him it was time for him to go to the table that he was to be signing autographs at.  He leaned down close to her ear and he laughed against it causing her to let out a groan.

“Randy stop!  You’re pretty much at work, act professionally,” she stated giving him a look and shaking her head with a smirk of her own.  “Wait until you’re alone to start all this touchy feely crap,” she said shaking her head.

“I can’t help it … you did choose to wear my favorite shirt tonight baby,” he said against her ear and bit at her ear lobe.

“Jesus Randy stop,” she stated a moan escaping her lips.  She only hoped that non of the people that he worked with was watching the two of them at that moment.

“I bet you won’t be telling me to stop tonight,” Randy stated with a breath.  Y/N shook her had and smirked up at him.

“Once I get done with you the only thing that will be escaping your lips will be Yes Yes Yes.  People will think that you’re a Daniel Bryan fan watching his matches,”

Randy laughed out loud and let out a sigh; he would much rather be on his bus right then with the woman he loved opposed to there at that moment signing autograph after autograph until his hand started to cramp.  Y/N ran a hand up and down his back and he smirked down at her.

“You promise that you’re mine once we get out of here?”

Y/N smirked and she nodded as she pulled his head down towards her and kissed him on the lips sweetly.  Randy leaned his head against her head and he smiled as he took in the smell of her strawberry scented shampoo.

“I promise Randy,” Y/N stated as she held his hand as they walked out to the autograph table and both sat down.  Y/N thought it was sweet that Randy had talked them into letting her sit beside him at the signing.  She kept her hand in his for as long as she could until the line started to move.  She smiled as she saw how randy lit up whenever he signed autographs for children and teenagers.  She knew that he was going to be a great father if and when they decided to settle down and start a family.  They had both talked to each other about that in the past and either of them were ready at that point.

“Hello there sweetheart,” Randy said as a little girl’s mother had lifted her up so that she could see Randy behind the table.  The little girl smiled wide at Randy and she held out a Watermelon flavored Ring Pop with her tiny hand.  “What is this for?” Randy asked with a small smirk as he looked at the little girl with the red curly hair and bright green eyes.

“Will you marry me?” The little girl asked with a giggle causing Randy to smirk and turn to look at Y/N.  Y/N laughed and she smirked covering her mouth with her fingers and smiled as Randy turned to look back at the little girl.

“Give the girl an answer Randy,” Y/N stated with a smile as she ran a hand over Randy’s hand sweetly before looking down at her own left hand at the diamond on her ring finger.

“Why that’s a sweet gesture sweetheart, but I’m afraid I’m already getting married,” he said smiling wide at her.  Y/N looked up as she heard a gasp coming from the line of people there waiting to meet Randy.  “Why would you want to marry someone like me any ways?”

The little girl smiled wide and her mom sat her down on the table.  She looked at Randy as she sat Indian Style and she bit her lip and moved on the table a bit nervously.  She looked up at her mom and then to Randy and then looked at Y/N.

“I’d like someone tall to be around when I can’t reach stuff off the top of the refrigerator like my cereal.  I don’t like to wake mommy up early in the morning.  She’s as grouchy as a bee in a soda can,” the little girl said with a very strong southern drawl.

Randy couldn’t help but to laugh as he reached out and he ran his hand over the little girl’s hand and he saw her smile at him.  She lightened up so much that it made his heart beat a little faster in his chest; he hoped that Y/N and him could have a baby of their own soon.

“That’s all you want to marry me for?  Because I’m tall?” he asked with a laugh.

“I’d also like to get a kiss,” she said quietly.  Randy laughed and he nodded as he stood up and he lifted the little girl off the table and looked at her.

“You don’t have to be married to me to have a kiss,” he said and leaned kissing her right on the cheek.

The little girl smiled and heard the crowd cheering for her and she blushed as Randy handed her back to her mother before they exited the line.  Randy laughed as he sat back down and Y/N leaned and kissed Randy on the cheek before seeing the next people coming into the line.

The autograph session took another hour and a half.  Y/N got to see first hand how personable he was while around his fans.  It made her smile as they walked out together with Randy’s hand in hers and his fingers moving up and down against hers.  She loved the contrast of their hands; hers were tiny with short and little fingers.  Randy’s were gigantic with long and slender fingers.

“Can we get something to eat before we head back to the bus,” she asked and leaned into Randy’s gigantic form as she felt his head kissing the top of her head.  She would have thought that Randy wanted to head straight to the bus according to his actions earlier; but the rumbling of both of their stomachs said differently. She heard his laughter and smirked as she felt a slight vibration as her head rested on his chest.

“Yeah I think we both could use something to eat,” he stated smirking down at her.  “What do you want any ways?” he asked lifting her off the ground causing her to giggle.  Randy carried her over to their rental and she leaned into him as he opened the door to the SUV and sat her into the seat.

“McDonalds,” she smirked teasingly as he looked into his eyes and leaned down kissing him sweetly on the lips.  Randy nodded pulling back and closed the door before heading around to the drivers side.  Randy got into the car and pulled back before smirking at Y/N as he moved closer to him in the seat.  Her head rested on his shoulder as he played with the radio.

“Do you want kids?” Randy asked softly before Y/N lifted her head off his shoulder and smiled as she bit her lip.

“Do you?”

“I would love another kid … on one condition,” he stated a smirk appearing on his face.

“What is it?” Y/N asked biting her lip and running her hand over his thigh.

“He or she looks like you,” he stated with a light chuckle.

Y/N couldn’t help but smirk as she leaned into Randy and she kissed his neck as he got to McDonalds and decided to just go through the drive-through.  She thought about what he had said in her head for a few moment.  The interaction that she had seen first hand with him and the little girl earlier was the cutest thing she had ever seen.

“I do want a little boy … or a little girl it doesn’t really matter to me,” she stated smiling and bit her lip.

“Let’s try tonight,” she heard Randy say.  She wondered if she had heard him correctly and she smiled kissing his neck again.

“Really?” Y/N asked and bit at her lip hoping she had heard Randy right.  “Are you sure?”

“Just as sure as I was when I realized I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you,” he stated with a smile and leaned to kiss her before turning and smiling as he ordered both of them a Guacamole burger and a order of fries. They pulled over into a parking spot to eat the food before starting the drive back to the bus that was parked at the arena.  When they got there; they got lucky that no fans were around.  Randy picked her up and carried her into the bus and back to the bedroom.  He laid her down and slowly crawled on top of her; undressing her slowly he tossed her clothes to the side.

“I’ve been waiting to get you undressed since the first time I saw you this morning,” he laughed against her lips.

“You always want to undress me,” she said with a moan as Randy’s lips dropped down onto her neck.  She felt a vibration against her neck as Randy laughed against her skin.

“You fucking know it,” Randy stated smoothly against her neck.  Y/N arched her hips up off of the bed as Randy worked on pulling her pants down after unbuttoning her button up shirt that she had tied into a knot showing off a little of her stomach. She felt him pulling her pants down she kicked them off her legs with a giggle and let Randy push them the rest of the way down with his feet.  She looked up into his eyes and brought her hand down to his belt and undid it slowly with her fingers.  Pulling it off she pushed it to the side and started to push his pants down off his hips after unbuttoning and unzipping his pants.  She watched him kicking them off his legs and he leaned down and placed both his hands on both sides of her on the mattress.  Y/N let her legs wrap around Randy’s lap and she pulled him down towards her and kissed his lips hungrily.  Randy groaned into her lips as he pushed his boxers down with one of his hands and rubbed a hand over his dick slowly.  He pushed the head against her slit and he slowly inserted her.  Y/N moved her hips forward and she let out a loud moan as she began matching each thrust he made with a thrust of her own.

“Baby you feel so good,” Randy said as he leaned down to bite at her neck in her spot.  Y/N moaned feeling his lips and her hands played with his scalp as she felt him speed up his thrusts.  Randy reached down letting his fingers knead into each of her thighs and Y/N bucked her hips up towards his dick quickly wanting him to fuck her harder and deeper.

“You feel better,” she got out as she took in how quick he moved inside her.  He was moving so quickly the sound of his flesh hitting hers filled the small bedroom on the bus.  He rolled onto his back after a few minutes and guided her down slowly onto his erection.  She threw her head back as she started to rock her hips fast against his dick and leaned her head down to kiss him fully on the lips.  She froze and moaned loudly as she felt Randy arching his back up to insert her and she moved against his dick before biting her lip and starting to come all over him.  Randy gripped her hips and laid her onto the bed and watched her squirt as he kept his eyes contently on hers.

“You like this?”

“Fuck … yes,” she stated as she squirted again and bit her lip as she pulled Randy towards her again for a kiss.  

“I’m going to come baby you ready?”

“Yes baby,” Y/N stated and wrapped her legs around Randy’s waist and felt him emptying his seed inside her.  He made sure he had milked every bit inside her before he pulled away to lay down Y/N moved and kissed Randy on the lips and took a deep breath as she ran a hand over Randy’s and bit her lip.  “I hope we end up having a baby,”

Randy smiled as he leaned kissing her.  He nodded and pulled her onto him slightly so he could kiss her lips again.

“We won’t stop until we do,” he said causing Y/N to smile from ear to ear.

A little surprise.



“Oh god. Wake up.” Naomi muttered, it was dark and you felt so tired. “Come on, please wake up.” Naomi said, shaking you. Everything got quiet.

Before you knew it, you were laying in a hospital bed in the emergency room, you smiled, grateful that you weren’t alone. “What happened? How’d I get…

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Anonymous said: Are y'all ever going to post more imagines?

Currently working on a new system, I did make a post about it.

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Anonymous said: I don't get Cameron's school girl outfit? Besides it being a stereotypical "hot" costume... it's lame.

Cameron is just lame. I’m shocked that she hasn’t been let go by the WWE yet. 

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How tan are you on a scale from:


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New Diva Merchandise released today for Nikki Bella.

Why fearless? I don’t get it?

Nikki Bella fearless …. I really don’t get it.

She’s fearless because she keeps competing in unfair fair matches set up by the authority.

She’s only had three or four matches? and they last no longer than three minutes ….. I don’t understand how she can be called fearless for that, plus all the Diva’s apart from AJ and Paige that she’s faced are jobbers ……… soooo yeah …………….

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I can follow you!


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Anonymous said: I thought CM Punk retired? I'm so confused what's going on?

I’m still sat here hoping that he’ll be back.

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Roman’s eyes opened when he heard Seth snoring in the bed next to him. Pulling on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, Roman grabbed his room key, and quietly walked out of the room. Once he was out in the hallway, he pulled out his I-phone and dialed (Y/N)’ number. Roman smiled when you answered.  “Hey. It’s me. Are you awake?” He asked. He received a sleepy response. “What took you so long?” you groaned. Roman smiled. “I’m in the elevator now, meet me down stairs.” Roman hung up and slipped on his shoes as the elevator doors closed.

In the lobby, You rubbed your eyes and smiled when you saw Roman. “We’ll take my car?” Roman asked, walking over to you. You nodded and the two walked out to Roman’s car. Roman started the engine and drove to a bar that wasn’t too far from the hotel. It was crowded, and it seemed like every wrestler linked to the company was there, Including Roman’s rival, Randy Orton. Roman rolled his eyes.

When Randy started walking in your direction, Roman looked at him with wide eyes and turned to you. “This is going to sound scrazy, but … Orton has this really big crush on you, but I have feeling for you … and I really need to ask you an important question before he comes over here.” Roman struggled to get everything out so fast. “(Y/N), will you go out with me?” Roman asked, making you smile. “We’re out right now aren’t we?.” Roman smiled. 

You looked into Roman’s eyes, getting closer to him. Your lips pressed against his, he ran his fingers though your hair and pulled you in close. Randy stopped in his footsteps. “Let’s get out of here” Roman whispered in your ear, You looked up at him and nodded. He took your hand and you both headed back to the hotel.