Anonymous asked: Of they ask box might be open soon does that mean you guys don't have a lot of imagins left. Because I submitted when it was open not long ago and I have not seen it yet.

We still have a lot of imagines left and only have a few working on writing.

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Anonymous asked: About when will the ask box be open again? (: keep up this awesome work!

Hopefully soon; we’re still busy with work/school etc.

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Anonymous asked: Do any of you girls listen to Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) ?

I’ve heard one song lol

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You were nibbling on the eraser of your pencil, and staring at your laptop screen. You were so close to finishing your novel trilogy, it almost hurt. Just…the perfect way to end it… to find just the right words…
‘’Come on…’’ you whispered, squinted your eyes, re-reading the past sentences, and trying to put it all together. Then it hit you. You put your pencil down on your desk, and start typing.
‘’ Without him, I felt this emptiness, that hits me like a rock. Lying naked in my bed, letting the cool breeze caress my skin ever so gently feels warmer than it used to. He taught me how to live again. And I will.’’
A moment of silence followed. You re-read it again. Then again. As smile appeared on your face.
‘’Perfect’’ you whispered.

*4 months later*

As you were backstage, getting a special tour of the arena with few Divas, you feel a text coming. It was your manager.
‘’Tomorrow aftertoon. Autograph signing. More details in the morning. Have fun at your show xoxo’’
You smiled, and placed the phone back in your pocket. Your book reached #1 in the bestseller list, and it remained there for almost 3 months. Just few weeks ago it dropped to #3. You were not bothered. The sells went amazing. Everybody seemed to love it. You were constantly getting letters from fans, telling you just how amazing the books were, and if you considered writing more. But now, it was Wrestlemania, and you were going to have fun. Ever since you were a little girl, WWE has been a big part of your life. You would save money to meet your favorite wrestlers. To get photo with them and to even touch them was simply one of the best memories from your childhood. Now, you were world-wide bestselling author of a romance novel and a huge WWE fan. Of course, Wrestlemania is the place to be, and you were NOT going to miss it. The Bella Twins were giving you a special tour, and just really made you feel at home. It was funny, because you would never realize how much in common you had with them. They were super chill girls, that loved the same things you did, watched the same TV shows, and of course they read your books.
‘’That ending though Y/N, I loved it! I hope you are going to write something else, I am addicted to your work! ‘’Nikki said, as she had her arm wrapped around yours. Brie was on the other side, doing the same thing.
‘’I read it in 2 nights, I kid you not. It was so sexy and provocative. Each book was such a cliffhanger !’’ Brie said.
You just smiled, not really knowing what to say, but just thank them for the compliments.
As you are walking, you feel a gentle tap on your shoulder. You turn around, and you were staring at a tall man, with a very masculine chest, and two titles on each shoulder. You were stunned by how majestic he was. And just how handsome…
‘’Brie, Nikkie, how are you ladies doing tonight?’’ he asked them, giving them both a gentle hug, then he fixed his gaze at you.
‘’Well, and we have a special guest star with us tonight.’’ He smirked and grabbed your hand, gently kissing it. You felt electricity overcoming your body.
‘’Pleasure to finally meet the face of the WWE. ‘’ you said, with a shy voice. You could sense yourself becoming a 5-year old girl again. He just made you melt.
‘’Pleasure is mine’’ he said, and adjusted his titles. The Bellas knew what to do.
‘’Y/N here has always been a fan of WWE, but it’s her first Wrestlemania.’’ Nikki said, in a excited voice. You gave her a puzzled look, knowing that it was not true. She looked at you, and slowed her pace, as she spoke.
‘’Right Y/N? We met way back, during another pay per view, but it’s Wrestlemania !! Of course she had to be here and cheer for her FAVORITE superstars.’’ Nikki finished, and gently winking at you. You shook your head and smiled back.
‘’I would be happy to give you a …personal tour, if you wouldn’t mind?’’ Randy said, staring directly at you, completely ignoring the Bellas.
‘’I could not possible refuse a champion.’’ You responded, looking back at Brie and Nikki, and they gave you hugs, and Brie gently tapped you on the butt. Those girls…
Randy offered you his arm, and you gladly took it. You started walking down the halls.
‘’Now, you see, I never read your books, but I heard that they are just perfect for a girl that suffered a serious heartbreak. I know my ex-wife read it. She loved it.’’ He said, as you both started walking. You could not help but giggle a little. What the hell was happening to you? This man just took your breath away.
‘’It’s good to hear positive opinions. From what I’ve heard, popular ratings were not too bad. I am very satisfied with my work.’’ You tried to sound confident and yet comfortable.
‘’And you should be. You are a beautiful woman with a creative soul. It’s rare these days.’’ He said, now looking at you.
You just smiled, not really knowing how to respond.
Randy sudden ly stopped, and looked deep into your eyes. You rested your arms next to your sides, waiting what’s next in store tonight. You liked it so far. You didn’t want Randy to go…frankly, you wanted to get to know him better.
‘’Listen Y/N, I will be frank with you here, saying that you really interest me.’’ He said in a low voice, that send a chill down your spine. Just the way he pronounces his words…lord have mercy. You tilted your head to the side.
‘’Really?’’ you tried to sound more surprised than turned on.
‘’There is something about you… that draws me. And believe me when I say this : I don’t say that kind of stuff to just any woman. I would love to spend more time with you, if you would allow it.’’
Your heart was pounding 500 times per second. You were praying to not start sweating and talking nonsense.
‘’Randy….we just met you know.’’ You responded. You could notice a little disappointment in his expression.
‘’Of course, I understand that. I guess I am moving a little too fast. I apologize.’’ He takes your hand, and kisses it, softly.
‘’If you change your mind, you know where to find me.’’ He said, and walked away, leaving you in desperate need of his touch. Your eyes followed his back, as you watched him leave. At that moment you knew one thing: you wanted Randy. And you wanted him more than any other man…and there used to be another…long time ago. Your husband died in a terrible car accident last year. It was so hard to cope, since you did not have any children together. Maybe in a way it was a blessing. They did not have to suffer as much as you did. But you were ready to start fresh. Could Randy be the one?
After Wrestlemania, there was complete chaos. People celebrating their victories, or crying over their loses. All you wanted, was to find Randy. You were praying to any entity known to you, that he hasn’t left yet. You were walking down the halls, sometimes interrupted by Superstarts that wanted to talk to you about your book. You gently shut them up and continued on your quest. When the last bit of hope evaporated, you felt the same gently tap on your shoulder, that you felt just few hours ago. You spun around, and Randy’s face was there to greet you.
‘’Looking for somebody?’’ he said, almost whispering, as you lost control. You pretty much jumped on him. Yeah, definitely lady-like.
Without any explanation, your lips were pressing hard against his, tasting his tongue, feeling his strong arms supporting your waist. His right arm moved up to hold your back, then pressed you against the wall, never stopping the kiss. He then pulled away gently.
‘’Let’s get out of here’’ he whispered, sets you back down on the ground, grabs your hand, and leads you to the exit and to his limo. You could see paparazzi taking photos of you. You were going to headline some major newspapers. Lovely. But you didn’t care. You wanted to have magical night with Randy, it was all that mattered.
As you were walking to his hotel room, Randy could barely keep his hands off you, sometimes placing little kisses on your neck as you were walking, and you just giggled and laughed.u
He opened the door to his room, closing the door behind him. You took a quick look around, letting it all soak in. His room was beautiful, a perfect place for a perfect night.
Randy grabbed you by the hips, and pulled you into him, so the back of your shoulders pressed against his chest. He was definitely taller than you were. He leaned down and pressed his lips into the back of your neck. You felt a tingle run down your spine as his lips opened and closed slowly, rubbing them along your skin.
The hair on your entire body stood up. He sucked gently, moving his hands from the sides of your slender waist to your front, rubbing his fingers along your hips bones. You shuddered. Randy added his tongue to the motion of his lips, gliding voraciously along the indent at the side of your neck. Randy pulled you even tighter, so your butt was pressing on to his semi-erection. He sucked harder, making sure he left his marks of dominance on your skin. You tilted your head back to allow his lips more room.
You let your hands down and grabbed on to his, turning around to face him. You looked up and thrust your mouth on to his, opening and closing your lips as if trying to devour it. He kissed back passionately, leaning his head to the side and sucking your bottom lip.
Randy snuck both of his hands around your waist, and grabbed onto your ass, forcing you forward on to him. You buried your lips deeper and deeper into his mouth and grinded your hips slowly and rhythmically on to his pelvis. You slid your hands under his shirt and rubbed his chest with your palms.
The way he made you tremble under his touch was magical. He quickly picked you up, and carried you to his bedroom, laying your head down gently on to the pillows that were propped up against the bed head. He mounted himself on top of you, sitting up his knees on either side of your waist. He reached down and began to unbutton your shirt slowly. After the first four buttons he stopped and leaned down, kissing your exposed chest gently.
He dove deeper, licking softly the delicate areas between your breasts. He took in your smell. Teasing you with his tongue, he could feel you squirming underneath him.
‘’Your smile made me ache today, Y/N. It’s just been taunting my mind only too seductively.’’ He looked up at you for your approval, then went back to work. You grabbed his face and pulled it violently to you, attacking his lips with a wild kiss, that you could not hold anymore. The feel of his wet tongue felt so good.
‘’Strip me,’’ You panted, pulling his face into yours and continuing to devour his lips.
Randy complied. He continued down as more buttos were undone, kissing you belly, pressing his lips over your belly button. The last button was finally undone, and Randy kissed the spot right above where the pants started. Your back arched, pushing your pelvis forward with the sensation of his warm, wet lips so close to your spot. Randy smiled, his lips stilled pressed against your soft skin.
He reached down and unbuttoned your pants, pulling them over your hips. You pulled your left one by one up and out, kicking the pants to the floor, and wearing nothing now but black lingerie. Randy was pleased to see that, and blew air around your womanhood. You moaned, allow Randy to slide his hand inside your panties, finding the right spot. He dived his finger inside you, which then was too much for you. You screamed out in pure pleasure. Randy only smiled.
‘’Do you want me to?’’ he asked, now sitting up, looking down at you, like a prey.
‘’You know…that I do’’ you breathed out loudly as you finished answering him. He then pulled your panties off, and stared at your entrance.
‘’So beautiful…’’ he whispered, then adjusted his position to come inside you, and fill you with his passion. It was coming, and you were a little scared, as he revealed his big boner. You were not sure you could take his size.
He wasted no time, and slammed himself inside you, and you screamed his name again. After few times, the pain seemed to change into pure pleasure, and you did not want him to stop. It felt like heaven, each time better. After you reached your climax, Randy reached his, and collapsed on top of you, sweating and panting. You laughed and so did he. He pulled his face up to look at you.
‘’Stay with me, Y/N. Please… stay.’’ He said, taking in breaths as he spoke.
‘’I’m yours’’ you responded, as he kissed you, softly, allowing you to fall asleep on his chest.

-Sandra (hope that is what you wanted, precious. Thanks for the special request)

RIP Ultimate Warrior. Your legacy will live on forever.
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Anonymous asked: would you guys mind posting some selfies of you? I'd love to see how you look like, it would be pretty cool =)

I don’t know about the other girls; but I have some posted on my blog.

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Anonymous asked: Hello! I'm the one who asked the Roman Professor imagine! I wanted to know if one day, I could ask a second part for the story, write by Sandra when the ask box will be open! :$$ ♥

I’m sorry but we don’t really do continuations; but we will maybe consider it once we get caught up.

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Anonymous asked: Oomg thank you soooo much for the Reigns teacher imagine! More than awesome! ♥♥♥♥

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Alexandria got to pick the movie that night, and Randy had given her absolute free range to pick whatever she liked. Her eyes roamed over the dvds she had brought with her when they had moved in together, and she saw the one she had been wanting to rewatch for a long time: Bride Wars. However, she gave it a second thought, not wanting to make Randy think she was hinting at something, although she knew she kinda was. After all, they had been together for some time, they had just moved in together, officialy sharing a life, and bills and everything that came with a brand new apartment, cohabited by a young couple. 

She smiled and picked up the box, shrugging to herself. She really did love the movie, and since Randy let her pick, she picked what she wanted to watch. Alexandria went back to sit besides Randy after pressing play in the remote, and loved the way he made way for her to lay her head on his shoulder, his arm wrapping around her. She saw Randy`s slight grin when the movie started, but he didnt do anything else, let alone protest as she thought he would. 

But towards the end, when Liv and Emma made peace and went back to being friends, she felt Randy„, was he sighing? Alexandria looked up and saw his lips tremble a little, his eyes were wide open. He looked like he was trying not to cry, and she tried her hardest not to burst into laughter. He looked adorable, all emotional and almost in tears over two brides making up their friendship after an all out war. You had to admit, you had some tears in your eyes too, but it amazed her that Randy was touched as well. 

And then, while Alexandria was observing him with all her attention, tears began to freely fall off of Randy`s eyes, and by the time the end credits were showing in the plasma tv, he was sobbing like a baby in desperate need of his bottle. Alexandria hugged him tight, and managed to sorta understand what he was saying, or should I say, trying to say. 

«I… I just… I dont know what`s happening, I guess I… I miss some friends I lost touch with and… God, you must think Im such a pussy, Im so… sorry…» he whispered, holding her tight.

She kissed his cheek and looked at him while wiping the tears from his gorgeous featured, giving him a warm smile. «Randy baby… Of course youre not a pussy! No one is made of steel, I got emotional too. I understand we all have friends we miss. It`s ok baby, really. Youre gonna make me cry too, now!» she said, wiping her own tears, a flood of memories rushing to her brain, so vivid and so real: friends from junior high, from highschool, even people in her study group from college, people she had great times with but that she had lost touch with. 

Alexandria and Randy spent a good couple of minutes holding eachother, until the tears stopped and she looked into his eyes, wanting to kiss him more than ever. 

«I love you so much Randy, so so much…» she said, her lips meeting his in a sweet and gentle kiss. He replied in the same manner, kissing her soft lips slowly yet passionately, pulling her to him, making her straddle his lap. Alexandria loved feeling Randy`s lips, so skilled and with an unique taste she couldnt get over. 

It didnt take him long to get up, his arms wrapped tightly around Alexandria`s torso, as he carried her up the carpeted stairs and into the top floor, where their new bedroom was located. It was big, with a good balcony overlooking the beach. The curtains moved with the slight wind, and their bed, covered in gold and black sheets, seemed like the ideal place.

Randy laid her gently on the bed, Alexandria`s feet being the only part of her body that wasnt on the matress. He slowly removed the socks she was wearing, planting soft kisses on her feet, making her giggle. He smiled too and his hands quickly moved to the zipper and buttons on her jeand, undoing them fast and easily, sliding her jeans down her legs, throwing them carelessly in the floor. Next came her top, a simple piece of orange fabric that Randy loved, although it had nothing to it. 

Alexandria smiled when she saw Randy taking off his own shirt, and then his jeans, letting her admire his godlike body, his defined abd, his amazing arms, and those thighs that made her sigh. He didnt let her observe him for long though: his desire had surpassed the point of waiting, as he laid between her legs, his now hard length pressing against her folds through the fabrics of their underwear. She playfully pushed him back and flipped them both over, so she was on top, planting kisses on his chiseled jaw, and then down his neck, onto his collarbones, her hands wandering over his abs, loving the little lumps of defined muscle. His big strong hands pulled her up gently, just so Randy could quench the thirst he felt for her lips. 

His hands then flew to the clasp on her bra, undoing it easily, removing it from her, exposing her perfectly shaped breasts. Randy`s lips left Alexandria`s and laid on her nipples, making her gasp. She loved his mouth there, he worked his tongue so skillfuly, it was amazing how he knew just the right amount of pressure to apply, just how to twirl his toungue around. 

Alexandria reached down for Randy`s boxers, pulling them down as far as she could. She felt him smirking against her left breast, and then he took care of it himself, throwing his boxers on the ground, and then taking off her panties, in a swift yet soft movement. Her hands on his jaw, she pulled his head up to meet hers. their lips meeting again, as Alexandria lowered herself into Randy, feeling every inch of his manhood inside her. He groaned against her lips, surprised by her sudden motion, loving the feeling of being inside the woman he loved. 

She gave herself some time to adjust before rocking her hips back and forth, the palms of her hands against Randy`s chest for leverage. He groaned once again, and Alexandria felt a moan escaping her lips as well, the pure pleasure on Randy`s face pleasuring her more than his length inside her. His hands went from her hips to her backside, squeezing it lightly, making her go a little faster. 

When he felt Alexandria coming closer to her orgasm, her moans intensifying, Randy pulled her to him, withdrawing from her, kissing her lips again, just as gently as before. Placing her on her back, he kneeled between her legs and placed her right one on his shoulder, before entering her again, slowly and gently, making her sigh. Thrusting his hips into her a few more times, he could feel her starting to tighten around him, so hard her eyes closed and her lips parted widly, but no sound came from her. Alexandria froze, her members tightened, the feeling of pleasure so intense and amazing she couldnt bring herself to react. 

Randy didnt last long either: he loved making Alexandria come and when she did, he lost complete control of himself, as he filled her with his seed. 

Planting one last kiss on her lips, Randy laid down besides Alexandria and then pulled her to him, leaning to whisper in her ear.

«You should reach for your night stand drawer» he said, with a chuckly. Alexandria did, and when she finnaly managed to say something, it was a solitary yet meaningful word-


-Mia :D (hi sweet! thank you so much for your request, I feel so honored that you chose me to write your imagine. I hope you liked it!)

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‘’The Empire of Japan aimed to dominate East Asia and was already at war with the Republic of China in 1937, but the world war is generally said to have begun on 1 September 1939 with the invasion of Poland by Germany and subsequent declarations of war on Germany by France and the United Kingdom’’

Then everything went black. Then all of a sudden, a loud banging noise happened. You automatically sat upright in your chair, with a confused look on your face. You scanned the room, to see a bunch of laughing faces, and a disapproving grimace of your Professor, Mr. Reigns.
‘’Sorry to wake you up, miss Y/N. I think we are not entertaining enough for you today. Don’t worry, we will fix that. See me after class for some extra assignments. They will make you want to pay more attention in my class.’’
You felt embarrassed. This never happened to you before. All your teachers loved you; you tried to be the ‘teacher’s pet’ in every class, because you knew that they like to see effort on student’s part. Slacking off and especially sleeping in class is really disrespectful to them and to you as well. But it’s just history was not your strong side, and no matter how hard you tried, nothing seemed to sink it. It went in through one eyes, exited through the other. You tried studying with your friends, thought you got the main points down, and yet falling almost every test. You loved your Professor, you really did. In fact, you were not ashamed to admit you were growing very fond of him. He never seemed to give up on you, regardless of your grades. Lately you’ve been swamped with work from other classes, it was hard to manage it all.
The bell rang, and everyone rushed out the door. You were left alone with Mr. Reigns, in a huge lecture hall, awaiting your punishment. You grabbed your bag from the floor, shoved all your books in, and started walking towards his desk. Roman was writing something, what looked like a test.
‘’Sit down Y/N’’ he said, without so much as a glance at you. It was better to listen to him, so you put your bag next to the chair, and slowly got yourself situated. It felt like eternity, before Roman looked up at you.
‘Come on, get it over with’ you said to yourself.
Roman looked at you, gently smiled, and put a cap back on his pen.
‘’Talk to me. What is going on with you lately? I know, it’s almost summer, everyone is getting lazy, but you need to step it up. You are failing my class Y/N, and you need to focus, if you want to pass for the year. Sleeping and zoning out during lecture is unacceptable.’’
You said nothing; letting him talk, say everything he wants to say, and maybe squeeze in a small comment for your defense later on.
‘’You know you can come to me for help, you’ve done it before. Why do you allow yourself to get so behind with work?’’ his eyes spoke concern, which in a way made you really disappointed with yourself
‘’I know I haven’t been doing well as of late, but believe me when I say that I am doing my best, it’s just busy time of the year. I have a lot on my plate right now.’’
Roman was listening carefully, then little moment of silence followed. He nodded, then stood up, walked over to stand next to your chair. He kneeled by your side, which really made you a little uneasy.
‘What are you doing? ‘you said to yourself
He looked deeply into your eyes, smiled, and rested his hand on top of yours. You immediately looked at his motion, and just stared, as he spoke.
‘’Y/N, I think you have great potential, and you can achieve great things. Don’t let anything stop you. I want to offer you my help’’
You looked at him, as he squeezed his grasp of your hand. It made the hair on your arms stand, and your heartbeat increased. Now you realized how beautiful his eyes were. How passionate, how loving…how seductive.
‘’Help would be much appreciated’’ you said, almost whispering.
Roman smirked, gently elevated himself to get closer to your face. He caressed your cheek, moving the hair away from your eyes. His hand wondered to the back of your head, pulling it closer to his face. Everything that happened next was much more than simply touching.
Roman’s lips met yours, in what felt like an explosion within you. You moaned delicately, slowly opening your mouth, for Roman’s tongue to enter and make you melt. The kiss was amazing, like no other you’ve experienced. You could tell, he was no strange in this game.
His breath grew faster but he didn’t attempt to move away. You reached out to touch his cheeks softly, as you leaned in closer to deepen the kiss. The taste of his lips, so sweet, unique… Roman’s lips moved with your in perfect sync, gentle yet wild and hard. Tongues fought for dominance, but you didn’t care who won, you just wanted him.
Your hands began to lean down the nape of his neck. You wanted to feel his toned body, your hands to be all over him. You began unbuttoning the front of his shirt, but you only got to the second button when his lips brushed against your ear.
You moaned softly when he nibbled you there and traveled down your neck. He was so good; you never wanted him to stop. He knew you liked it, but decided to tease you a little more.
‘’God, why did I wait so long to do this…’’Roman said, in between kisses and bites. You exhaled deeply, indulging in the feel of his tongue on the most delicate part of your skin.
You leaned down to taste the skin on his neck, nibbling and licking, taking in his smell. You loved his smell; it was like his taste- so addictive.
At that time Roman grew tired of the little gentle kisses, and strongly grabbed you by the waist, and placed you on top of his desk. You looked into his eyes as he unbuttoned your jeans; he took his time to unzip them, your eyes begging to quicken the pace. He did, revealing your lace underwear. He smiled, and then placed a soft kiss on your belly, which made you giggle, as you wrapped your fingers in his hair. Then, he helped you to elevate yourself, and to take your shirt off. It was a good day to wear matching bra and panties. It’s like you knew, and it only pleased Roman that much more.
‘’You like it?’’ you smiled, tilting your head to the side a little.
‘’I’m going to like what’s hidden beneath that even more,’’ he whispered.
He quickly took his nice shirt off, coming on top of you. Roman began kissing you again, softly and tenderly, his hands moving upwards to cup your breasts. Your nipples perked up against the lace of your bra, showing how turned on you were.
One of his hands reached behind and unhooked the bra in under a second, letting the garment fall off, revealing your soft mounds. His fingers played with your nipples, making them hard. You closed your eyes and leaned your head back as his hot breath embraced your right nipple. A moan escaped your lips when he sucked at it, using his tongue to tease your peaks. Then, he gave the same attention to your other breast, all the while making you wetter than ever.
Your heart raced faster. Only he had the ability to make you feel this way with just few words and moves. You started to move your hips back and forth, because you could not help yourself. You wanted Roman inside you, fast. You could feel his erection, through his boxers.
‘’Oh fuck, you’re gonna make me cum even before I enter you, sweetheart’’ his voice was strained and he struggled to speak.
He reached his hand into your panties and found your clit. His fingers skillfully rubbed against the small nub, making you moan and stop moving your hips.
‘’You’re so wet, doll’’ he whispered. You arched your back as he continued to rub and tease you.
‘’Oh my god… you’re so good… did you get so good?’’ you asked, your eyes half-closed. He only smiled as you tried to control your climax, letting out load moans and groaning his name.
He stopped before you could cum and pulled down his boxers. Roman positioned himself between your legs and slid down against it. God, you were so wet for him. He filled you completely and perfectly and she you had stretched to take his size, you slowly moved up and slammed down again.
You were so good, and he was so close to coming; he didn’t want it to end just yet. You both cursed as he pumped faster and faster. He could only groan your name as he couldn’t control himself anymore. You were both so close, the feeling so unexplainable overcoming your bodies. You came first, your orgasm squeezing him inside you and making him cum as well, spilling his seed inside you.
When it had ended, your breaths still too fast, he leaned down to kiss you on the lips.
‘’Damn it, I love you Y/N’’ he smiled and looked into your eyes
‘’I love you too, Professor’’ you giggled, and then enjoyed few more moments with Roman’s tongue inside your mouth.


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